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Stock Option Agreement - Green Mountain Coffee Inc. and Paul Comey (Oct 2, 2000).Stock Option Agreement - Demand Media Inc. and Richard Rosenblatt (Apr 19, 2007).Stock Option Agreement - Manugistics Group Inc. and Greg Owens (Dec 17, 1999).Non-Qualified Stock Option Agreement - Cerner Corp. and Alan D.Stock Option Agreement - GT Equipment Technologies Inc. (Jul 7, 2006).Stock Option Agreement - Green Mountain Coffee Inc. and James Prevo (Oct 2, 2000).Nonstatutory Stock Option Agreement - Network Engines Inc. and Robert Wadsworth (Mar 16, 2000).Stock Option Agreement - Cord Blood America Inc. and Stephen Weir (Apr 29, 2004).I:\ca\djm\Agreements\Stock Purchase Agreement - City of Redlands (Bear Valley) v5 (2).doc 2 Option Date, this Agreement, and all unexercised options shall immediately.

Non-Qualified Stock Option Agreement - Alloy Designs Inc. and Robert E.Outer House case considering an option agreement over land at Greystone farm, Alford in Aberdeenshire.Nonqualified Stock Option Agreement - Transaction Systems Architects Inc. and Philip G.

If Optionee timely exercises the Option, this Agreement shall become a contract for the.Equity Option Agreements - Qianxiang Shiji Technology Development (Beijing) Co. Ltd. and Liu Jian (Dec 23, 2010).

Non-Statutory Stock Option Agreement (16(b) Officer) - Capella Education Co. (2012).Nonqualified Stock Option Agreement - Harman International Industries Inc.

Non-Qualified Stock Option Award Agreement - Qlik Technologies Inc. and Doug Laird (Dec 30, 2008).Option Agreement - PokerTek LLC and World Poker Tour LLC (Apr 7, 2004).Put And Call Option Agreement - This Put Option Agreement Involves North Shore Acquisition Corp.Stock Option Agreement - CAIS Internet Inc. and Steven Wimsatt (Dec 1, 2000).Stock Option Agreement - Green Mountain Coffee Inc. and Kevin McBride (Sep 13, 1999).Nonqualified Stock Option Agreement - theglobe.com Inc. and Charles Peck (Jul 14, 2000).

Option Agreement Page- 1 OPTION AGREEMENT FOR THE PURCHASE OF REAL ESTATE.Stock Option Agreement - Long Beach Financial Corp. and Washington Mutual Inc. (May 18, 1999).Stock option agreements specify the individual options grants, vesting schedules, and other employee-specific information.Non-Qualified Stock Option Award Agreement - Qlik Technologies Inc. and Alexander Ott (Oct 1, 2004).Share Option Award Agreement - MF Global Holdings Ltd. and Jon S.Agreement For Purchase of Option - Quality Dining Inc. and Daniel B.SEAT OPTION AGREEMENT - Page 2 of 2covenants and obligations of Licensee as set forth in the Seat Option Terms and Conditions attached to this Agreement.

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Equity Disposal Agreement - Shengyuan Nutrition Food Co. Ltd. and Beijing Shengyuan Huimin Technology Service Co. Ltd. (Jul 20, 2008).

Incentive Stock Option Agreement - Cerner Corp. and Jeffrey C.Option Acceleration Agreement - MathSoft Inc. and Shawn Javid (Sep 15, 1997).

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Non-Incentive Stock Option Agreement - Virtual Radiologic Professionals LLC.

Option Agreement to Purchase Real Estate Date: Seller and Purchaser agree as follows: Seller: Address: Purchaser: Address.

Put Option Agreement - Premier Research Worldwide Ltd. and

Stock Option Agreement - Demand Media Inc. and Shawn Colo (Jun 9, 2009).Share Option Agreement - Lahiji Vale Ltd., Wang Lei Lei, and Beijing Lei Ting Wan Jun Network Technology Ltd. (Sep 26, 2003).Stock Option Agreement - CAIS Internet Inc. and William Humphreys (Dec 1, 2000).Option Exchange Agreements - Tudou Holdings Ltd. and StarCloud Media Co. Ltd. (2010).Nonqualified Stock Option Agreement - ExlService Holdings Inc. and Amit Shashank (Jul 27, 2006).

Use them as Option Agreement samples, Option Agreement templates.Non-Qualified Stock Option Agreement - Tel-Save.com Inc. and Gabriel Battista (Nov 13, 1998).Stock Option Agreement - Green Mountain Coffee Inc. and David E.Stock Vestlng Waiver Agreement - NetScreen Technologies Inc. and Rakesh Loonkar (Aug 22, 2002).Stock Option Agreement - Tempur-Pedic International Inc. and Richard Anderson (Feb 5, 2008).Seismic option agreements result from a party obtaining the right to purchase oil and gas interests,.Notice of Grant and Stock Option Agreement (Outside Directors) KaloBios Pharmaceuticals Inc.Option Agreement - Atlantic Investors LLC and Denis Martin (Aug 21, 2003).