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The commodity cost of natural gas is only about 20% of the total cost of CNG at the pump,. (miles per gallon).

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Propane price per gallon is a crucial element in choosing a propane company. Supply and demand affects a price a gallon of propane will cost significantly.Real-World Activity and Fuel Use of Diesel and CNG Refuse Trucks Gurdas Sandhu1 H.

This volume of CNG at 2,400 psi has the same energy content as one.Btu Per Gallon 82,644 91,000 139,000 Gallons Per MMBtu 12.10. LNG Quick Facts Author.This calculation assumes that a CNG vehicle will have the same fuel economy (MPGs) as your current vehicle.July 30, 2013 in LNG by Rich Piellisch. and the cost and weight of CNG tanks as compared to LNG tanks,.

Price per gallon of. current vehicle and a new CNG vehicle, reduced maintenance costs assosicated with.The per-mile Costs of Operating Compressed Natural Gas Trucks Experience from 16 Million Miles with the Cummins ISX12G STEVE JOSEPHS, P.E. OPERATIONS AND ENGINEERING TEAM.Read about the new Natruell CNG Conversion Kit developed for common rail diesel engines, only on, the official website of Diesel Power.Result: The cost per million Btu for natural gas is about half the cost of heating oil.

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Before shifting to CNG, use our CNG calculator to assist you understand Cost, Payback, ROI.Alternative Fuel Truck Evaluation Project by Kevin Chandler, Battelle Paul Norton,.We invite you to compare the cost of your current propane use to the cost.Whether you have a fleet of 5 or 500 vehicles, compressed natural gas (CNG) is a viable option worth considering.Please contact us to schedule a meeting to look at how much money CNG could save you or your company.Shift to CNG offers a free consultation about the specific potential fuel cost savings for you or your business.Reduce your fuel costs with a compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle conversion.

Comparison overview of propane and natural gas including cost, energy content and environmental impact of propane vs. natural gas.Gallons: per: million Btu: Propane Gas (LP) 11: Gallons: per:.Gas Mileage, greenhouse gas emission, air pollutant emissions and of model year Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles.

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Current Fuel Type. Gasoline. Diesel. Fleet Size. Vehicles. CNG Cost Per Gallon.Liberty Fuel Solutions can work with you through this process, from providing equipment to handling the entire project.PROPANE TANK at your home, one time cost to install all gas lines, either one time cost.

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The fact that they also own I-80 Fuel, they will end up saving.

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