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Buy some cover and still have access to upside by purchasing protective puts on your stocks.It also does not make any assumptions regarding the final outcome of the investment and allows for exit strategy executions.

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Learn how to take a Screenshot so you can add it to your comment.With the protective put option, the market price of the put is similar to the premium on a traditional insurance policy.

Imho, the volume shows for the last week more selling than buying and the volume overall is declining.As I read the article and posts, you can see the complexity involved the more one tries to minimize risk or maximize return.

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An introduction to option strategies, illustrated with multi-colored graphs and real-world examples. A protective put is bought to protect the lower bound,.Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 72 72. Protective Put Options Strategy - Duration: 3:47.Description. This strategy combines two other hedging strategies: protective puts and covered call writing. Usually,.Outside of the periodic FDA or earnings announcement, is it worthwhile to always have a protective put in place.To calculate capital gains or losses, the investor adds the premium paid for the option to the purchase price of the stock to calculate the tax basis of the stock.Several of our newer premium members have inquired how to take advantage of the 10% discount member perk.

Information on protective puts and protective calls including how, why and when these options trading strategies can be used.Here is what the Blue Collar Investor System does to alleviate risk without spending cash for insurance (protective puts).A protective put is as its name implies, a form of insurance to protect a long position held in a stock.This brings us back to the second benefit of protective puts: locking in profits as a stock moves higher.Are you ready to lock in some profits with the protective put.How to protect your stock gains with an inexpensive put option: Posted.Each day there is a page full of headlines of what they find going on in the option market.

Needless to say if you notice that your short call has a good chance of exercise, you could also buy back the short call or roll it out to avoid exercise.Let me premise these remarks by saying that there is nothing wrong with purchasing protective puts.That is why some investors who utilize this strategy buy protective puts to alleviate some of the risk.

A collar in options trading is the owning of the underlying shares while simultaneously selling the call options and buying protective puts.Do you happen to own Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA), Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX), Facebook (Nasdaq: FB.Housing starts were up by 0.3% in September but total housing permits declined by 6%.Two weeks ago, it dropped 15% in price but has since recovered half that loss.I personally started using them myself after last January took a big dip and I saw my quality portfolio diminish in value.Protective Puts is an easy way of hedging your investments by defining a stop loss by buying a put option.

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This weeks report on top-performing ETFs has been uploaded to your premium site.Of course, every step of the way you would be paying for the puts and the transaction costs, and keep in mind each of these unused puts will expire.All have appealing returns with either protection or upside potential.Married or protective put is a strategy where you buy puts to protect the downfall of your shares if you fear they may fall in the near future.

Learn how to use a protective put strategy to hedge, or protect, profits on existing positions and how to identify the risks of hedging with protective puts.On October 20th reported an ER with a 7% earnings surprise and revenues up 17%.Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter or RSS feed to receive updates.

When you want to protect yourself against sudden unexpected drops in stock price, you might consider employing the Protective Put strategy.


This company had a strong ER on October 21st with revenues up 76% and an average earnings surprise of 14% over the past 4 quarters.Get detailed strategy tips, setup guides and examples for trading protective put options.I feel, however, that we can get our insurance for free by educated, well-calculated and common sense investing.

The crossover of short and long term moving averages on high volume is a very significant technical event in either direction.When you look at the attached 10 day chart, you see a definitive downtrend.I am relatively certain that the stock will get called at the strike price because they are so deep ITM.Those who do not have that will find it at option monster dot com.Many IRA brokers will not allow you to buy a put in your IRA account.

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IMHO, Alan and the BCI team communicate a complicated topic in as simple terms as possible.

They can be a limited-risk way to profit from downside moves in the.Think of the put option as providing a floor beneath a stock.Some stocks remain range-bound for years, and in such a case, the cost might be too high.Looked at several just now where there is only one S.P. available above the current market price, and that is within one dollar.

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