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We are seeing this trend play out as the Global 1000 corporations send out their requests for proposal for logistics services.The 2013 TRANSPORT TOPICS Top 50 Logistics Companies is a project of Transport Topics.Within this group of global 3PLs, an elite group of 25 companies account for about one-third of all global 3PL activity.Individual company results varied with select companies posting strong results.Expanding the Footprint The acquisition wave is building momentum again.It is a master of value-added warehousing and manufacturing support.List of the top logistics companies in the world, listed by their prominence with corporate logos when available.To be honest i prefer to deal with a company that gives you complete attention step by step the whole way.They recently opened a state of the art Logistics Platform in Dubai.

I have been in this industry for the last 25 years and have never heard of Al Majdoui as a top 10 service provider in this region.( May be.) Without prejudice Definetley the Top 10 are follows.Objectively using various companies as providers in various logistics fields - my appraisal is that they all have room for improvement.The top ten must be those companies which have equal presence in transport, shipping and air frieght like CITY TRANSPORT LLC, Fujairah.Top 10 Best Courier Services of the World in 2013. the largest courier service company in the world,.If the economy continues to recover worldwide, the acquisition pressure will be intense.We provide logistic and shipping services in Jebel Ali free zone in South Zone for the past five years now.

CEVA Logistcis is from the top 10, CEVA also is the most admired supply chain in the industry.Exel has a host of solid operations with varied functionality around the globe.

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Net revenues were up 10.1 percent. Profitability continued at high levels with net after-tax income margins of 16.2 percent. Among value-added warehouse distribution providers (VAWD), Exel and UPS SCS continue to be the major players and both had good growth and improved profitability.

Demand and supply forecasting and material planning is based on proprietary probability models.As on the whole and whole aspect of the logistics is serving the customer with all their need what we named as 3 pl 4 pl and now 7 PL etc.Securing the right type of company to move products across town or across the world can be. top logistics companies have in.APL Logistics is providing all types of warehousing solutions from Dubai.General storage, Food storage, Chemical storage, and open yards.Contact now for further details.Al Tayyar Cargo Logistics and Services, Riyadh, saudi Arabia is one of the largest Cargo Service in the Middle East is worthy of consideration.I believe Petrasco should be in the top 10 list due to their responsive services and quality.

UPS Ranked No. 1 in Top 50 Logistics Listing NYSE:UPS

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In my experience, one particular company here in Dubai stands out amongst the others, RHS Group (logistics), they have built there reputation and improved their quality performance since their formation in 1910, that in itself is proof that they have the right quality within.A logistics company is a company that participates, in some way, in the movement of goods along a supply chain (for example, from manufacturer to.In many developing nations, the problem is a lack of infrastructure.In my opinion, Agility is the only company that can be considered as the best in UAE, by their diversified activities in logistics and distribution.With respect to the mentioned companies,i think Expeditors is currently the best.Check out our comprehensive list of the sexiest logistics startups in the world. published in the top tech.Strong presence in only one area does not meet the global need.

Gati is one of the top logistics company in India which has a great network of distribution and supply.All Logistics company having expertises in different work. like GAC good in Warehousing, DHL good for Air Freighting, like wise many are there.I noticed that some are voting for Agility, while it is about to be sold due to illegal handling for the US army, my vote will gos to Aramex.

In the VAWD segment, large customers have traditionally wanted to pay on cost-plus open-book arrangements.Operational quality is highly valued and Rose has surrounded himself with a good team.During the same period, Eagle has adjusted to the changing U.S. market by putting more time-definite freight on trucks.

The region has a long way to go to claim a well developed logistics and supply chain industry.As per my personal experience, AMI MIDDLE EAST LLC is good in logistics and providing better freight forwarding services.And lets keep in mind all the heavy and complex cargo that needs to be handled that the logisitic companies have no clue about handling.I am guessing that some of the remarks on here are associated with companies that you are currently working for, or maybe had a good experience with.

Arabco is also a best logistics company in middle east countries.Well I have worked for three companies here since arriving in 2004 and have experienced many others in that time.Recent expansions have been in India, China, Germany and Malaysia.